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22088Re: Samba upgrade installs xinted: no telnet nor SWAT after this

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  • doll_oliver
    Jul 31, 2008

      I had my Slug running with Samba 3.2.0-1 for some time, now though
      SWAT no longer recognizes that the daemons smbd & nmbd are active.

      But when I returned from vacation trying to copy some files to the
      Slug I noticed two issues:

      i) it was very slow and I found nmbd running wild so I restarted it
      the services

      ii) even more odd I found some files with strange file names in some
      directories with creation dates even before my vacation which I
      couldn't delete remotely (from my windows client). When I logged into
      the Slug I found that when I copied a file with the file name - let's
      say "myfile.txt" to my network share that not only that file got
      created but also a second one with the file name

      So I decide to restore my backup before the upgrade and I returned to
      3.0.28a-1 ...
      tnx & cheers
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