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2198Re: [nslu2-linux] [Bug 17] Changed - ipkg upgrade - bad number / not downgrading package

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  • rwhitby
    Oct 31, 2004
      > ----- Posted by mpechner at 3:12 PM on 2004-10-31 -----
      > You have to expect some like to this. Do you think because you announce 2.x that people will just move?

      No, but the problem had a simple workaround, which was listed in the bug report.

      And be very aware, that as soon as 2.x goes into beta, then most of
      the core development team will no longer be running 1.x any more and
      any bugs in 1.x that do not occur in 2.x will probably get a very low
      priority by that team (although the CVS for 1.x will still be open for
      anyone else to submit patches).

      There are a number of alpha testers who are running 2.x on their
      production slugs right now, and the upgrade path from 1.x has been
      tested (2.x uses exactly the same packages as 1.x).

      > I have data I depend on as well as many other users of this great software.

      Yep, and this bug has no effect on your ability to use Unslung
      firmware to manage your data.

      Remember also, that Unslung is in beta. You don't get guarantees of
      backwards compatibility with beta software (although we will be making
      every attempt to ensure that Unslung 2.x is completely backwards
      compatible with Unslung 1.x, and this is one of the reasons for the
      long alpha period for Unslung 2.x). If fact, you don't get any
      guarantees at all with GPL software. But don't be afraid of this, as
      the development system for Unslung is open to anyone to contribute, so
      bugs are usually found and fixed very quickly (especially when they
      are critical bugs, which this particular one is not).

      > This issue should be fixed. It is happening to be. At least, revert back to the working versions.

      Please submit a patch (I did note in the bug report response that a
      patch would be welcome). This is a community project, not a
      commercial product with a support contract. You get out of it what
      you put in.

      And I don't understand your comment about reverting back to the
      working versions. We have made no changes to the ipkg script with
      respect to this functionality. The simple fact is that that script is
      not intelligent enough to parse the version numbers in the packages.
      I expect that the real fix (assuming this problem still exists in
      Unslung 2.x) is to change all the version numbers of all the packages
      to suit the ipkg program better.

      -- Rod
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