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21643Re: [nslu2-linux] slugimage issue or operator error?

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  • Rod Whitby
    May 5, 2008
      Rod Whitby wrote:
      > Rod Whitby wrote:
      >> Try just:
      >> slugimage -F -p -o test.bin -L apex.bin -k vmlinuz -r Flashdisk
      >> If that works, then start adding options until you find the one that
      >> breaks it.
      > Note that slugimage has a regression test suite in:
      > http://svn.nslu2-linux.org/svnroot/slugimage/trunk/tests/
      > So if you find a case that doesn't work, please add it to there (or send
      > me the testcase so I can add it).
      > [I note that I don't have any tests that use -F in there at the moment,
      > so it won't be a surprise if something doesn't work - if someone want to
      > write some -F test cases I'll happily add them.]

      I just checked in some regression tests for -F and added unpacking and
      repacking to all existing tests - and found a small bug. I don't think
      it's the cause of your problem, but you might want to try the latest
      slugimage from svn trunk.

      -- Rod
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