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21608Re: [nslu2-linux] ffmpeg on nslu2 w/ debian

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  • Scott Ruckh
    Apr 30, 2008
      This is what you said clover_kid34655
      > I am trying to use the slug to serve video to my Tivo. I want to run
      > pyTivo on it. It requires ffmpeg to decode the video. I get an "illegal
      > instruction" error message when I run the command ffmpeg -i movie.mpeg.
      > Anyone running this set up that can give me some pointers?

      If you expect the NSLU2 to be the rendering device you might as well forget it.

      Maybe others have had better luck then I, but I have only been able to get NSLU2 to serve content not to do on-the-fly transcoding.

      As I no longer have a Tivo, I am not familiar with its client/server capabilities.

      Does the Tivo work with UPnP?

      Tversity, which runs on your PC, might be an alternative if you truly need on-the-fly transcoding.
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