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21419Re: [nslu2-linux] crontab on SlugOs

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  • Rod Whitby
    Mar 30, 2008
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      ced23456 wrote:
      > I've installed crontab (from the slugos repository and not unslung
      > rep) to run specific job during the night.

      > 0 0 * * * /sbin/CheckDiskFull &>/dev/null

      Um, CheckDiskFull is an Unslung thing. I thought you said you were
      running SlugOS? What firmware exactly are you running, and exactly
      which feed did you install the cron package from?

      > Unfortunately, cron jobs does not run at specified interval (they do
      > not execute at all). Is there a way to log them ? What wrong ?

      Sometimes the format of a crontab file requires an extra field (just
      before the command if I remember correctly) for the user which should
      run the command.

      Look up the documentation for vixie cron to see if this is the case.

      -- Rod
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