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20344Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Trouble with installing Debian on NSLU2...

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  • Martin Michlmayr
    Dec 9, 2007
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      * John Klimek <jklimek@...> [2007-12-09 13:39]:
      > When I flash di-nslu2.bin (using the Windows utility) it upgrades
      > fine, but when the NSLU2 reboots it shows me the solid orange light
      > again. This is with no disks connected...
      > Like I mentioned in the original post, I can upgrade my NSLU2 to
      > Unslung 6.8 just fine and I've done hwclock -systohc, and
      > removed/replaced the internal battery.
      > What should the lights normally be when it's waiting for me to SSH in
      > to complete the install?

      > What else can I do?! =(

      I don't know what the lights should be (it's just whatever they show
      by default; Debian give any useful information via the lights). In
      any case, I'd check your network settings from within unslung. Is it
      DHCP or a static IP? If it's static, are you sure you configured
      everything (DNS, gateway, etc).
      Martin Michlmayr
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