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20341Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Trouble with installing Debian on NSLU2...

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  • Martin Michlmayr
    Dec 9 7:51 AM
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      * cmelikian <chris.melikian@...> [2007-12-09 14:21]:
      > I can confirm that this worked for me. I used the 4.0 (not 4.01)
      > release and it worked exactly as above. It's a bit scary (relatively!)
      > seeing the install fail but bear with it and all will be OK. Only
      > problem I found was that my swap space was not being used even though
      > I had configured this in the installer and the swap partition had been
      > created.

      Interesting, I know that at least one other person had this problem.
      I wonder whether this happens when base install fails and you restart
      it. I'm not near my slug at the moment (and neither for the next 2
      weeks) but maybe someone could verify this.
      Martin Michlmayr
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