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20100Re: [nslu2-linux] Troubles with Unison and/or rsync

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  • Rod Whitby
    Nov 3 2:49 PM
      diskcrasher wrote:
      > I've got my NSLU2 up and running with Unslung 6.8 and have installed
      > the OpenSSH package. I can successfully ssh into the device and have
      > ssh running on a port other than 22, which works fine. I want to
      > perform system backups over ssh to the NSLU2 and was hoping to be able
      > to use Unison for this, but every time I tried to specify a "to"
      > location for the NSLU2 it would come back saying "unison: No such file
      > or directory." The location I specified in Unison was
      > "ssh://root@" where xx is the SSH port. Also tried
      > "ssh://root@" with the same result. I'm running the
      > Cygwin version of SSH on my PC.
      > So I gave up on Unison and decided to try rsync directly using ssh as
      > the tunnel. But low and behold, I get the same stinking error message
      > "rsync: No such file or directory."

      Do you have rsync installed on the NSLU2 ?

      -- Rod
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