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19963Re: filenames containing international charaters

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  • ralphqramden
    Oct 18, 2007
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "ivar.hamrin" <ivar.hamrin@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone!
      > I´ve successfully uslung my slug using Unslung 6.3 beta, almost
      > everything's working fine including mounting a NTFS formatted drive
      > simply following the UnslungLanguageSupport-howto. The slug is unslung
      > to a natively formatted drive. But there's still one problem: the
      > filesnames containing non english charaters (swedish in my case), are
      > not shown correctly. This make's it impossible for me to f.x. deleate
      > one of those files. All of this applies to telnet (PuTTY), the Linksys
      > web interface and to my Pinnacle Soundbridge connected to the slug
      > usning MediaTomb upnp-server, however not to Windows browsing the file
      > tree in Explorer or any other application. Kind of annoying. Does
      > anyone have a solution? Since there's no problem in Windows, I figure
      > the problem's not related to samba, or is it?
      > Can someone please help me! Can't sleep until the situation's sorted
      > out! ;-)

      I ran into this same situation while using GTKpod on my linux box and
      also on my
      slug. I noticed on the slug's web interface that a space was inserted
      in some of
      the file names where an international character was previously.

      I *do* believe that the problem is a Windows problem. You might like
      to see my
      post in the forum for Reciva based wifi radios at:


      > I figured I should try to install a kernel package containing support
      > for charater set iso-8859-1 (even though I'm not shure that's gonna
      > solve the problem), but the only package I could find is for
      > OpenSlug/SlugOS...

      Basically I think (at least I can't find a way) to tell Window$ to
      default to UTF-8, which is the Linux standard, even though it
      understands it. It
      will always stick with ISO 8859-1 *until* it finds a character that
      overlap with UTF-8 like å and ø. Only then will it fall over to UTF-8.

      Now my problem with GTKpod was easily solved by telling it (and samba)
      to work
      in ISO 8859-1. However, I couldn't tell my Linux based Reciva radio to
      "work" in
      ISO 8859-1 just as we can't seem to tell a slug to do the same thing
      moving off away from uNSLUng. Sorry to say I ended up going through my
      5000 odd
      MP3's and removing all offending diacritics and other characters.

      If you could get all the files renamed on a Linux box and *then* put
      them on the
      *native* slug disk, that might do the trick. I want those characters
      too, so I
      will be working on it.

      Any other thoughts from anyone?

      And perhaps since you mentioned it you might tell me how you make out with
      Mediatomb. I have trouble with it telling me the mediatomb.db file is
      on restart. It works fine for me when I start it and use it, but once
      it is
      shutdown and restarted it says the database is corrupted (which I have
      with "sqlite3_analyzer.exe". I exchanged emails with one of the
      authors and he
      feels that perhaps the .db file is getting saved in 'flash' which is a
      He thought perhaps moving it to a mounted disk location, perhaps in
      with the
      music files might fix it, but I haven't tried yet.

      Sorry for the length of this post, and if you care to talk about
      perhaps begin another thread?

      Thanks and take care.....

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