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19673Re: [nslu2-linux] transmission

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  • jonneymendoza
    Sep 3, 2007
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      Thanks i will try that later. one question. is the autorun script that you
      posted is this?

      begin 666 autorrent.sh
      M;V%D(%%U975E($UA;F%G97(*(R *(R!#<F5A=&4@82!D961I8V%T960@=7-E
      M<'0@9G)O;2!U;G-L=6YG+W)C+FQO8V%L(&%N M9"!I="!W:6QL(')U;B!I;F1E9FEN:71E;'DZ"
      B,*(R @('-U(&%U=&]R'1&:6QE*"D*>PH)8V0@)%1/4E)%3E1$25(*"51/4E)%3E1&
      M<F5N="(@?"!H96%D("UN(#$@?"!C=70@+60@(B\B("UF(#(M8 H)5$]24D5.
      M5$9)3$4]8&9I;F0@+B M;6%X9&5P=&@@,B M;F%M92 B*BYT;W)R96YT(B!\
      M(&AE860@+6X@,2!\(&-U=" M9" B+R(@+68@,RU@"GT*"B,@36%I;B!B;&]C
      M:R!S=&%R=',*"E1/4E)%3E1$25(](B]A=71O<G)E;G0M<F]O="]T;W)R96YT ...........

      do i create a autorrent.sh file and copy and paste those values above into
      that autorrent.sh file?

      thanks im begining to get familier on how to execute and run stuff on nslu2

      Vidar Tysse wrote:
      > "jonneymendoza" wrote
      >> hi when you mean by -s host:port do you mean somthing like -s
      >> 192.168.x.x:1000 ? i tried that and it says there is no such filename?
      > Something like that, but with -S, not -s (that is a capital S). And the
      > host:port will be localhost:2780 in most cases. See the script I
      > attached to my previous message for an example. A full command might
      > look like this (all on one line).
      > /opt/bin/enhanced-ctorrent -C 4 -e 24 -S localhost:2780 ~/my.torrent
      > --
      > __Vidar__

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