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19670FYI: GE USB reader is not bootable with the NSLU2

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  • dystopianrebel
    Sep 2, 2007
      This caused me a week of headaches so I'm posting it to help others.

      Using SlugOS/BE. The USB 2.0 device
      GE 97930 CF/Microdrive reader (rev 3)

      will not mount as "/". The symptom was that I was always "out of disk
      space". I put the same Microdrive card into a SanDisk SDDR-92 reader,
      attached it, and am "slugging" happily once again.

      There is the possibility that the combination of my CF Microdrive card
      and the GE 97930 don't interoperate well. If anyone is using the GE
      reader successfully as the main SLUG drive in any configuration, do
      speak out.