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19661Re: NSLU2 Upgrade Mode

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  • Phil Endecott
    Aug 31, 2007
      > I want to upgrade from a smaller USB flash drive 2G to a USB flash drive
      > that is 4G.

      You don't need to re-install from scratch just to replace the disk:

      1. Boot with the old disk.
      2. Insert the new disk.
      3. Partition the new disk (e.g. parted or fdisk).

      Now EITHER:

      4. Create a filesystem on the new disk (e.g. mke3fs, ?parted?).
      5. Copy the contents of the old disk to the new disk (e.g. cp or
      tar|tar or rsync).
      - take care to preserve ownership and permissions, and not to cross
      filesystems into e.g. /tmp or /proc, and to do the right thing with
      device files (/dev) and symlinks.


      4. Copy the raw old filesystem to the raw new filesystem (e.g. dd).
      5. Mount the new disk.
      6. Resize the filesystem on the new disk to occupy the extra space
      (resize2fs, ?parted?).

      7. Power off.
      8. Remove the old disk.
      9. Cross fingers. Power on. Will boot from new disk.

      Alternatively, plug both disks into a Linux PC and do steps 3 to 6 there.

      Do ask if you need more details.

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