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19652database or files?

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  • Vitus
    Aug 30, 2007

      I'm running some services for a small usergroup on my slug, OpenSlug
      3.10. Nothing fancy: a static webpage, 2 wikis, ftp server. And I
      would like to add a picture gallery. The slug was was bought
      de-underclocked and I plan to fatten it (RAM is here but I still
      have to build the courage to take the soldering iron).

      lighttp provides the http services and I installed dokuwiki because
      it needs no database and I thought using plain text files would be
      faster. But now the addition of a gallery again allows me to select
      a program using simple files or a database to store it's settings
      and I wonder whether my previous selection was right. Wouldn't it
      be faster to keep all this retrival code central (in a SQL database)
      instead of kind of duplicating it in several PHP5 programs? And
      especially with more RAM swapping wouldn't be a major problem. How
      much RAM uses mysql, BTW?

      So, switch from Dokuwiki to Mediawiki plus mysql and install, say,
      Gallery? Or keep dokuwiki and install something like yappa-ng?

      Any opinions?

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