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19564Re: [nslu2-linux] transmission

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  • jonneymendoza
    Aug 23, 2007
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      Vidar Tysse wrote:
      >> thanks for your advice guys. i opt to try the ctorrent and when i
      >> installed
      >> the enhanced-ctorrent using ipkg intsall i get the following error:
      >> ERROR: cron.postinst returned 2
      >> Configuring enhanced-ctorrent
      >> Configuring xinetd
      >> Note that telnetd is enabled by default. Edit /opt/etc/xinetd.d/telnetd
      >> and set 'disable=yes' to disable telnet AFTER making sure that Dropbear
      >> or other means of logging onto your system are enabled and working.
      >> Note that only has access in the default configuration
      >> //usr/lib/ipkg/info/xinetd.postinst: /opt/etc/init.d/S10xinetd: Not a
      >> directory
      >> postinst script returned status 2
      >> ERROR: xinetd.postinst returned 2
      > I don't see how xinetd got involved here, as enhanced-ctorrent does not
      > depend on it AFAIK. Those messages come from xinetd's postinst file.
      > Anyway, after installing you can start it with this command:
      > /opt/bin/enhanced-ctorrent
      > If everyting's ok that should give you some syntax info etc.
      > If you plan on running it unattended, have a look at the screen package.
      > --
      > __Vidar__

      Thanks for that, i managed to start ctorrent and all the commands appear. i
      also installed ctcs. how do i use that via my web browser and how do i start
      downloading/uploading torrents on it?

      Also how would be able to access my ctorrent remotely so that while im at
      work i can simply download the torrent file from work and send it over to my
      nslu2 for it to download imediatly
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