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19558RE: [nslu2-linux] SSH install issue

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  • James Nahon
    Aug 23, 2007


      I cant use putty to ssh to my slug.


      When I run ‘ps –ef’


      “501         root       3240   S   /opt/sbin/sshd”



      I assume this means that openssh is running. 


      What do I need to change ?


      Thanks a lot





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      On 8/18/07, jamesnahon <james@...> wrote:

      > i am having problems with my slug.
      > i have installed openssh but it does not run


      let's first try the basic. Can you confirm that openssh is installed?
      What is the output from:

      ipkg list_installed
      ls -l /opt/sbin/sshd

      I will also assume, from the output of ps, that you are running
      Unslung. Did you run 'ipkg update' before installing openssh?

      > when i run 'ps -ef' i get (i have only put the relevant bit in):

      You should be able to see sshd running when you run 'ps -ef'. I have
      just checked this in my slug, so there must be a problem somewhere
      that prevents sshd from starting.

      Fernando Carolo
      "Ignore the noise. Make some signal" -- Nathan Torkington

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