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19132Add Printer function

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  • Al_ferdy
    Jun 30, 2007
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      I've successfully swiryced to Unslung and I'm now attempting to set up
      a printer server function for my HP deskjet 5150, which I thinks
      should be OK. However after using the IPPKG function and installing
      cups and Cups.doc as described in the NSLU1-Linux "Addprinter" guide.

      1. ipkg update
      2. ipkg install cups
      3. ipkg install cups-doc

      I'm stuck!
      A). I cannot edit the printers as described in the post installation
      B). I cannot start cups
      C). I cannot acces cups from my browser (NSLU2 Ip address:631)

      It reports permission denied when i try anything and when I try to
      copy the Cups start up file it say there is no such file.
      Any suggestions??
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