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19057RE: [nslu2-linux] ForcePowerAlwaysOn and IC equivalence

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  • Mark Smith
    Jun 19, 2007

      The Dallas DS1233-10 should work fine for this.  It has a different pinout than the Microchip part I used in the wiki description so just be sure to connect the correct pin to the appropriate points on the circuit board. Check the two data sheets you referenced to determine which pin is which.  My picture is using the -D pinout which can be found at the top of sheet one of the microchip data sheet.




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      Subject: [nslu2-linux] ForcePowerAlwaysOn and IC equivalence



      We are trying to make a slug restart after power-loss. For this purpose we want
      to wire the "Alternative 1" as explained on:
      http://www.nslu2- linux.org/ wiki/HowTo/ ForcePowerAlways On

      Unfortunately, the Microchip MCP120 component is rather hard to find here in
      France (and our schedule forbids overseas ordering). But according to the wiki
      page the Dallas DS1233 is an equivalent, and we did find the DS1233-10 to be
      available for fast delivery in France .

      According to the following references, the DS1233-10 seems similar to the
      MCP120-450DI/ TO:
      http://ww1.microchi p.com/downloads/ en/DeviceDoc/ 11184d.pdf
      http://docs- europe.electroco mponents. com/webdocs/ 0025/0900766b800 25c80.pdf

      But I'm no specialist of this kind of thing...

      Could anyone confirm that the DS1233-10 should be a good equivalent?



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