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18659Re: [nslu2-linux] Lone Programmer Writes 352 Webcam Drivers For Linux

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  • Drew Gibson
    May 2, 2007
      Rod Whitby wrote:
      Drew Gibson wrote:
       Yes, it's one driver... but that does not detract from Michel Xhaard's
      skill, knowledge or effort.
      I've used his drivers on several webcams (on x86 systems) over the past
      two or three years and found them to be very useful and stable (unlike
      others I have tried). It may well be worth contacting him if you have
      trouble compiling the drivers for Slugs.
      Pierre-Luc Bacon wrote:
      I think that it's just misinterpretation. I'm pretty sure that the guy
      didn't wrote 352 different drivers... He probably just made one that
      works for all those webcams. Nothing new or useful for nslu2-linux.
      We already have gspcav1 packaged in SlugOS.
      -- Rod
      Great! I'm just finishing off Asterisk on my slug, webcam was the next project! Though I might need a second slug


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