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18658Re: [nslu2-linux] Lone Programmer Writes 352 Webcam Drivers For Linux

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  • Rod Whitby
    May 2, 2007
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      Drew Gibson wrote:
      > Yes, it's one driver... but that does not detract from Michel Xhaard's
      > skill, knowledge or effort.
      > I've used his drivers on several webcams (on x86 systems) over the past
      > two or three years and found them to be very useful and stable (unlike
      > others I have tried). It may well be worth contacting him if you have
      > trouble compiling the drivers for Slugs.
      > regards,
      > Drew
      > Pierre-Luc Bacon wrote:
      >> I think that it's just misinterpretation. I'm pretty sure that the guy
      >> didn't wrote 352 different drivers... He probably just made one that
      >> works for all those webcams. Nothing new or useful for nslu2-linux.

      We already have gspcav1 packaged in SlugOS.

      -- Rod
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