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18626Re: [nslu2-linux] flashing apex from redboot

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  • Gordon Farquharson
    Apr 29, 2007
      Hi Philipp

      Sorry for not responding you you earlier.

      On 4/28/07, Philipp Hofmann <jo@...> wrote:

      > tried it. the problem persists. the pwr led flashes red, then stays
      > amber while network stays green. after some time (half a minute or so)
      > there seems to be some activity on the disk. but for a bootup its far
      > too less.

      Unfortunately, one really needs a serial cable to debug problems like
      this one. It is really tricky, if not impossible otherwise.

      > whether it uses dhcp or not usualy only depends on
      > /etc/network/interfaces on the disk right?

      The installer uses the settings that exist in the flash, but once
      Debian is installed, then yes, the system should use

      > i think i'll flash it with the debian installer to see if i can access
      > the disk. let me know if you want have any information i can retrieve
      > with the installer.

      You could try accessing the disk on any other Linux box. However, I
      think that reinstalling may be the easiest thing to do.


      Gordon Farquharson
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