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18623Re: [nslu2-linux] flashing apex from redboot

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  • Phil Endecott
    Apr 29, 2007
      Rob wrote:
      > Those wiki instructions (Debian/CompileApex) are very dated
      > indeed - referring to a very old version of Apex.

      They're about 6 months old. I promise you there is a lot of much older
      and more out of date stuff on the nslu2 Wiki!

      As far as I can see nothing much has changed i.e. all of the commands
      are still correct (apart from the version number in wget of course).
      If you disagree please let me know and/or fix the page.

      > Since the
      > makefile specifies whether Apex is LE or BE, I am not even sure if the
      > endianness swapping (per the wiki) is even necessary anymore.

      Can you elaborate on that a bit? Which makefile? Do you mean in the configuration?

      Remember that APEX is still being loaded by the big-endian Redboot. I
      think this is why we need to byte-swap it. But the endianness of the
      NSLU2 boot process and the content of its flash is just a bit to
      tortured for me to understand properly.

      > Furthermore, there are a bunch of new stuff in the menuconfig (i.e.,
      > ping, DHCP, TFTP, enable IXP4xx ethernet, FAT/EXT2/JFFS filesystem,
      > etc.). Not sure if all of this works (since IXP4xx ethernet depends on
      > microcode) so I'm not sure if Apex has network support yet.

      It won't even compile if you enable the DHCP or BOOTP options. I have
      not yet discovered whether any other networking stuff works. I suspect
      not. Anyone wanting to "net boot" i.e. to load the kernel by TFTP
      would be best advise to use a full version of Redboot. However, APEX
      does work for a flash-resident kernel and NFS root filesystem (I have
      done this).

      > But if so,
      > there would truly be no reason now to even consider RedBoot limitations.
      > I do agree that boot loader mucking should be accompanied by serial port
      > mods. I certainly an not so brave to do it w/o a serial port.

      Absolutely. Only a masochist would try to mess with this stuff without
      a serial console.....

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