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18617Re: [nslu2-linux] flashing apex from redboot

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  • Rob Lockhart
    Apr 28, 2007
      On 4/28/2007 12:53 AM EST, Gordon Farquharson wrote:
      > Hi Philipp
      > On 4/27/07, Philipp Hofmann <jo@...> wrote:
      >> http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/ChangeKernelCommandLine
      > I updated this Wiki page last night. It now contains a link to a copy
      > of a 0xff padded APEX MTD block for etch that is compatible with
      > apex-env, and instructions on how to install this file on your NSLU2.
      > BTW, I have moved Phil's text on how to compile APEX to
      > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/CompileApex.
      > Gordon
      Hi, Gordon. Those wiki instructions (Debian/CompileApex) are very dated
      indeed - referring to a very old version of Apex. The current version
      is 1.4.18, and even the build instructions aren't complete. Since the
      makefile specifies whether Apex is LE or BE, I am not even sure if the
      endianness swapping (per the wiki) is even necessary anymore.
      Furthermore, there are a bunch of new stuff in the menuconfig (i.e.,
      ping, DHCP, TFTP, enable IXP4xx ethernet, FAT/EXT2/JFFS filesystem,
      etc.). Not sure if all of this works (since IXP4xx ethernet depends on
      microcode) so I'm not sure if Apex has network support yet. But if so,
      there would truly be no reason now to even consider RedBoot limitations.

      I do agree that boot loader mucking should be accompanied by serial port
      mods. I certainly an not so brave to do it w/o a serial port.

      Apologize for hijacking your thread but since we're on the topic of
      Apex... :-)

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