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17634Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: [nslu2-developers] Proposal: New Timezone package for OpenSlug

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  • CN
    Feb 5, 2007
      On Mon, 5 Feb 2007 18:04:30 -0600, Mike \(mwester\) wrote:

      > Can I take this as a vote for granularity down to the individual city level?


      > BTW, you can do a lot better than 8kb for your timezone. If you just set
      > the TZ environment variable (in /etc/profile) correctly, you won't need any
      > zoneinfo data at all. The correct value for the Pacific timezone for this
      > year is "PST+8PDT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0" -- that magic value will take into account
      > the new Daylight Saving Time for 2007.
      > Mike (mwester)

      I had the TZ set as above initially. And that worked fine for things started from
      my shell. But for servers like Apache, and a number of other ones, I did not know
      how to get that environment set when they start. The single timezone solved all
      that nicely centrally...

      Cordially, Chacko
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