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16413Strange behaviour with Western Digital MyBook Essential 500GB

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  • anguel_stankov
    Nov 30, 2006
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      Hi all!

      In Nov 2006 I bought a NSLU2 and a Western Digital MyBook Essential
      500GB external HDD.

      I installed Unslung 6.8, formatted the drive with the slug and
      unslinged to the HDD without problems.

      Unfortunately I noticed a strange behavour. In most cases the NSLU2
      boots up normally but from time to time it freezes during boot-up and
      only the ethernet light is on. In this case I can do nothing but
      unplug the power connector. After pluging it in again, the NSLU2 boots
      up normally again. I thought this has something to do with the unslung
      and reverted to original Linksys firmware v23RA5. But this behaviour
      appears also with the Linksys firmware from time to time.

      The second thing is that the drive should spin down when not in use.
      But this does not happen with Unslung and it does not happen with the
      original Linksys firmware. I am really frustrated.

      Thanks for any hints.

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