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15811Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Is the Debian Bootstrap currently trashed?

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  • Ciemon Dunville
    Nov 1, 2006
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      Fernando, thank you, my problem is now resolved.

      It was the ethernet driver of course.

      The problem was in my reading of the wiki, in that up until the driver
      part I had been editing files using vim, however, the driver part of
      the page reads:

      Add the network driver explicity to etc/modules, in order to get the
      network port working after reboot:

      echo "ixp400_eth dev_max_count=1" >> /etc/modules

      ..and so I had been editing /etc/modules and adding that line. Of
      course you stated that ixp400_eth dev_max_count=1 should be added to
      the file. Now reading the wiki I can see what the line is doing.

      Maybe the wiki needs tweaking, maybe I should do what the page says
      rather than not reading it properly.

      Anyway, slug bootsrapped from work this morning, now for the fun to begin.

      Thanks again
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