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15809Re: [nslu2-linux] Unslung future - is there interest?

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  • nick thompson
    Oct 31, 2006
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      Mike (mwester) wrote:
      > Folks,
      > We eagerly await the next release of Linksys' firmware for the NSLU-2.
      > However, despite some tantalizing rumors some time ago, there's really
      > been
      > no clear indication that Linksys has any intention to do so. After
      > all, the
      > NSLU-2 is "ancient" by industry standards, and while we'd all very
      > much like
      > to see some bugs fixed, and perhaps have the disk1-disk2 swap fiasco
      > introduced in the R63 firmware fixed, it's hard to see how doing so will
      > boost Linksys' bottom line at this point.
      > So, this leaves us with the question of what to do with Unslung?
      > A) Leave it as is -- it serves its purpose well, and those who find
      > that it
      > is lacking in some way should move to one of the Openslug distributions.
      > B) Begin development on a bugfix release ("Unslung 6.10", perhaps) to
      > address some set of concerns or usability issues.
      > C) Begin development on a replacement firmware to provide Linksys-like
      > functionality and web-based GUI tools on an Openslug base.
      > (Please note that I'm not personally offering to do the development and
      > documentation -- that's what you folks will be doing for a community
      > project
      > such as this.)
      > Pros/Cons? Your thoughts? I'll hold my thoughts on this for a while
      > because I'd like to hear from you!
      > Thanks,
      > Mike (mwester)
      > Unslung Release Manager

      I am NSLU2 obsessed, I have two slugs, one openslug / gentoo and one
      unslung machine, both with serial port mods and de-underclocked...

      interest here!


      "All unix, all the time."

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