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14952Re: Advice on choosing a distribution please.

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  • oabroad
    Sep 3, 2006
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Marcel Nijenhof <nslu2@...> wrote:
      > On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 09:40 +0000, oabroad wrote:
      > > I'm having a little difficulty getting started on NSLU2 linux. This is
      > > mainly as I'm also trying to learn Linux as I go along.
      > Starting with the nslu isn't the essayist way to learn linux.

      Thanks for the reply, I forgot to say I also installed Linux on my PC,
      Ubuntu 6.06. I've been using it for about three weeks now,
      dual-booting with XP.

      > There are a some differences between unslung and a normal linux:
      > - There is no gui
      I figured that there'd be no GUI. I can deal with that, seems like
      almost all development means dropping to command line anyway so I need
      to learn.
      > - The user land utilities are based on busybox
      Thanks, I guess I ought to learn what busybox is
      > Can you tell what didn't work?
      Well I'm also interested in VoIP ...
      ... so inevitably I tried to install asterisk (and the sounds
      package). That just went wierd, I don't think it worked as it threw up
      about 500 errors, mostly missing file/directory, during the install
      but it didn't actually fail the install. At the end directories that
      should have existed didn't and I couldn't get a demo config to run.

      Previously I'd downloaded the tarball to my PC and it built, installed
      and ran with the sample config with little or no difficulty.
      > Openslug is a lot more linux like as unslung because it's not
      > build from the linksys flash with all it dependencies.
      Ultimately that could be a good thing. At some stage I'll probably
      want apache and perl and I might be better off with up-to-date
      versions. I think k8055 might require a 2.6 kernel anyway.

      Actually I reread the author's page for k8055 and found:

      You need libusb ( >=0.1.8 ) and kernel 2.6 to compile..

      So I probably will need openslug, guess I'd better learn how to use
      the upslug2 tool too!!

      > If you want to compile programs on your slug you need "crosstool-native"
      > but the slug is slow and is low on memory.
      I read that page on cross compilation before but I have to admit I
      didn't really understand it. That's the only reason I was looking for
      a native compiler.

      > --
      > Marceln

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