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14913Re: [nslu2-linux] Problem following the EthernetAdapter instructions on the wiki

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  • Rod Whitby
    Aug 31, 2006
      The mii error might indicate a need for another kernel module - look for a kernel module with mii in it's name.
      Use depmod -a after installing modules, and then use modprobe to load modules instead of insmod.
      Use a diversion script to automatically load the module on Unslung.
      -- Rod

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      Date: Thursday, Aug 31, 2006 10:23 pm
      Subject: [nslu2-linux] Problem following the EthernetAdapter instructions on the wiki

      I am planning to use my Slug as a firewall/router and has bought a Netgear FA-120 USB to Ethernet interface for this purpose, since it is listed on the EthernetAdapter page on the wiki as a working unit.
      However, when I try to follow the instructions, things do not turn out the way they are supposed to. My guess is that it is because I run Unslung 5.5 and the instructions were written for a different version of Unslung, is this correct?
      Anyway here is what happens, and I hope that someone on this list will be able to tell me if I need to do something differently to get it to work or not:

      A. Install the kernel-module:

      run ipkg install kernel-module-pegasus.

      OK. I ran 'ipkg install kernel-module-usbnet instead as this was listed as the correct driver for the Netgear FA-120. This went well.
      B Hooking it all up Hook up you USB Ethernet adapter to your slug
      OK, did that.
      Go to /opt/lib/modules (Unslung) or /lib/modules (other OSes?)
      First problem: There is no such directory!
      find pegasus.o or pegasus.ko in this directory; Do 'insmod pegasus.o' or 'insmod pegasus.ko' (as appropriate)
      Did 'insmod usbnet' anyway.
      Got 'Using /lib/modules/2.4.22-xfs/kernel/drivers/usb/usbnet.o
      insmod: unresolved symbol generic_mii_ioctl'
      Why this error?
      Now the device eth1 should be created. Do 'ifconfig -a' to verify the presence of an inactive network adapter. (eth0 is the built-in network controller)
      Typed 'ifconfig -a' and the following devices were listed:
      ixp0, ixp1, lo. No eth0 or eth1. I am thinking that maybe ixp1 is my newly configured device anyway, is it?
      Now you can do things like 'ifconfig eth1 up' and so on - it is an active Ethernet device.
      OK, did 'ifconfig ixp1 up' and then 'ifconfig -a'. ipx1 got an IP adress! Does this mean it is working?
      update your routing tables as you see fit
      Have not gotten this far yet.
      Unslung: add a line in /opt/etc/modules : pegasus alias eth1
      Problem again: there is no /opt/etc/modules file!
      SlugOS: add a line in /etc/modutils/modules (creating the file if needed: pegasus alias eth1 ; then run update-modules

      Note: for debianslug and AX8817X based devices you might also need the 'asix' module. OK, so I have this chipset, but not debianslug, so I don't need it? If I need it, how do I find it? ('ipkg install asix' returns 'nothing to be done, check spelling' etc)
      I hope that someone can help me with these questions.
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