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13483Re: What has to be changed on a fattened slug

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  • kinsa
    Jun 11 6:29 AM
      nww wrote:
      > --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, kinsa <kinsa_manka@...> wrote:
      >>> The kernels presently being built by the openembedded system are
      >>> defaulting to a memory size of 32M. There is a mechanism built into
      >>> the kernel source (checkout nslu2_setup.c) that builds the command
      >>> line. The comments say you can override the 32M size by changing a
      >>> configuration line. I cannot find out where but I am still looking.
      >>> However, I was able to fiddle with the build enough to get the command
      >>> line I wanted built in.
      >> It is stored at .config file located at the root of the build
      > directory. This is a hidden file.
      > I cannot find the file. Could you please tell us where exactly the
      > file is?
      That File is normally created when you issue a "make config" if you start from a clean build.

      But since the kernel file you want is specifically created for slug, compile a working kernel first. After you have tested it, then you can edit the .config file to reflect the
      changes you have made.

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