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13377Re: What has to be changed on a fattened slug

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  • nww
    Jun 6, 2006
      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, kinsa <kinsa_manka@...> wrote:
      > > The existing bootloader (Redboot) can be used with memory sizes up to
      > > 64M according to information in the Wiki. If this is true, it is very
      > > good since it means that you can use the upgrade facility built in to
      > > Redboot to load up a suitable flash image. It also means that you do
      > > not have to replace the bootloader which is risky business.
      > Tested on a 128MB slug. Not sure if it will work on a 64MB slug. You
      need to modify the kernel to make it work.
      > > The kernels presently being built by the openembedded system are
      > > defaulting to a memory size of 32M. There is a mechanism built into
      > > the kernel source (checkout nslu2_setup.c) that builds the command
      > > line. The comments say you can override the 32M size by changing a
      > > configuration line. I cannot find out where but I am still looking.
      > > However, I was able to fiddle with the build enough to get the command
      > > line I wanted built in.
      > It is stored at .config file located at the root of the build
      directory. This is a hidden file.

      Are you sure??? After untar the tarball, I went through some of the
      directories. But, can find the file you said.

      > > I am getting dma_free_coherent(whatever that means...) Badness errors
      > > on the disk drive. I suspect it is something to do with the dma
      > > controller and the amount of memory. I plan to compile for 64M to see
      > > if it goes away.
      > This is a known issue on ARM using kernel versions >= 2.6.15.
      > Kinsa
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