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    Mar 24, 2006
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      professordavidk <bengaldave@...> wrote:

      I am just looking into asterisk but was looking for a users perspective.

      FOr example, is it true that I could just by a SIP phone and connect
      use it through the GIZMO service?

      A SIP phone or an ATA + plus your old analog phone will do the job.

      I understand that having an asterisk service allows lots of
      customization, but for a small household what do I get by having an
      asterisk server above just having a SIP phone?

      Asterisk is a PBX = like a corporate swithing system.

      It has a lot of features (and you can even add more features), but here is what I'm using:
      - Sofisticated voicemail system
      - VoIP to PSTN gateway (using an ATA -  Sipura SPA 3000) to forward my incoming VoIP calls to my cell (for free)
      - PSTN to VoIP gateway - to call home from my cell and then use my VoIP low prices to call overseas.
      - call detail records to ceck if the providers don't overcharge
      - the posibility to be connected to an ulimited number of providers using the same phone
      - make ENUM lookups to find if there is a VoIP address to reach a phone number before using a toll provider



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