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11683Re: [nslu2-linux] Slimserver question

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  • Laurent Gilson
    Mar 1 4:48 AM

      > The installation on Unslung 5.5 went fine as discribed in the wiki
      > page, but when starting the server with a 9000plus music folder.
      > The slug dies slowly trowing out one deamon after another to get more
      > memory.

      Increase your swap size by 256 MB.

      Disable everything except ssh and launch slimserver.

      > I've installed Slimserver on a W2k3 server and it take a couple of
      > hours to scan the musicfolder but it runs using 102Mb memory.

      So your slug needs about 100MB more RAM and will take 10-20x as long to do
      the scan.

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