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11681Unslung 6.6 alpha build problem "do_compile" of "gettext-native-0.14.1[-r3]"

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  • Ian White
    Feb 28, 2006
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      Hi All,

      I have tried to build unslung 6.6 alpha
      under Fedora Core 3.

      I have managed to build/install "monotone"
      and downloaded the master Makefile
      and the bits'n'bobs from Intel

      The "make setup" seemed to run just fine.

      But during the "make unslung" step
      I have run into the following problem:

      ERROR: function do_compile failed
      NOTE: package gettext-native-0.14.1-r3: task do_compile: failed
      ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting
      NOTE: package gettext-native-0.14.1: failed
      ERROR: Build of unslung-image failed
      make[1]: *** [image] Error 1
      make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ian/slug/downloads/unslung'
      make: *** [unslung] Error 2

      I looked into the referenced log file
      and found the following:

      Making all in intl-java
      make[5]: Entering directory
      /bin/sh ../lib/javacomp.sh -d .
      incorrect classpath: /usr/share/java/libgcj-3.4.2.jar

      Now I can guess that this is a Java development environment error.

      I don't even appear to have the environment variable "CLASSPATH"
      in my environment (should I have?)

      Where has it picked up "/usr/share/java/libgcj-3.4.2.jar"
      as a classpath from?

      This directory does *not* exist by the way but the parent directory
      "/usr/share/java" *does* exist
      and so do the files "/usr/share/java/libgcj-3.3.4.jar"
      and "/usr/share/java/libgcj-3.4.3.jar"
      and so does a symbolic link "/usr/share/java/libgcj-3.4.4"
      which points back at libgcj-3.4.3

      Anyone any idea what I am missing?
      (Possibly some version of the JDK?)
      Or why it is missing?
      Or more importantly what I do to fix it?

      Thanks in advance
      Ian W.
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