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1139Re: How to build crosstool-0.28-rc32 for NSLU2 Linux development

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  • itwerx3
    Sep 5, 2004
      It's working on Fedora Core 1 also.
      As an aside, I did not use the floating point patch, (but then again my simple Hello World
      test probably didn't need it :).

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, NSLU2 Linux <unslung@g...> wrote:
      > 1/ Grab a Linux box (I used Debian 3.1 "testing" on an Intel architecture)
      > Other architectures and versions of Linux may well work. If you get
      > errors, then start again on an i386 Debian 3.1 box. In particular the
      > version of gcc that I used was: gcc (GCC) 3.3.4 (Debian 1:3.3.4-3).
      > Don't ask about how to do it on a Mac OS-X box, because I can't help
      > you. Hopefully someone else will work that out and post a how-to like
      > this one.
      > 2/ Download crosstool-0.28-rc32 from:
      > http://kegel.com/crosstool/crosstool-0.28-rc32.tar.gz
      > You need to use crosstool version 0.28-rc32 (not rc34, and not rc35,
      > and not any other version either). You're on your own if you decide
      > to ignore this advice. Other versions probably will work (with some
      > patching), but no-one has posted a how-to for a different version, so
      > why waste your time? Of course, if you are the person who is
      > knowledgeable enough to get a newer version to work without bugging
      > any other people who are happily using 0.28-rc32, then please do so
      > and post your how-to here so that we can *all* upgrade to the new
      > version *together*.
      > 3/ Untar that - it will create a crosstool-0.28-rc32 directory.
      > 4/ Detach the demo-nslu2.sh file from this message and put it in that directory.
      > This file assumes that you have write access to /opt/crosstool (this
      > is where your resulting toolchain will end up) and $HOME/downloads
      > (this is where all the downloads will be stored). If you don't, then
      > change the paths to suit. Do *not* change any of the tool version
      > numbers in this file. Don't even be tempted ...
      > 5/ Download the required patch from:
      > http://www.knowledgemessaging.com/nslu2/gcc-3.3.2-arm-softfloat.patch
      > 6/ Put the patch in the patches/gcc-3.3.3 directory (yes, I know the
      > patch says 3.3.2 - put it in the 3.3.3 directory anyway). Don't try
      > and apply it manually or anything like that - just put it there and
      > leave it alone.
      > 7/ Change directory into the crosstool-0.28-rc32 directory.
      > 8/ Type "sh demo-nslu2.sh" and wait for a long time (yes it could be hours).
      > 9/ Add the /opt/crosstool/armv5b-softfloat-linux/gcc-3.3.3-glibc-2.2.5/bin
      > directory to your PATH. Verify that you can run
      > "armv5b-softfloat-linux-gcc --version".
      > This process was worked out by Benoit on Aug 17
      > (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nslu2-linux/message/422), and has been
      > followed successfully by at least 10 different people since then. So
      > if you have problems, it's not because of crosstool or the patch (and
      > no, you shouldn't try a different version if you can't get this
      > version to work). Look to your own actions first.
      > If you have problems (and have followed this exact procedure twice
      > with the same result), then post your complete Linux O/S details, the
      > URLs and md5sums of all the files you downloaded (including the
      > demo-nslu2.sh file you detached from this message), the *exact*
      > commands you typed (yes, every single one of them, cut and pasted from
      > your shell window), and the error messages (again, cut and pasted from
      > your shell window).
      > Have fun!
      > [Did I mention that you have to use crosstool version 0.28-rc32? I did? Good.]
      > #!/bin/sh
      > set -ex
      > TARBALLS_DIR=$HOME/downloads
      > RESULT_TOP=/opt/crosstool
      > GCC_LANGUAGES="c,c++"
      > export GCC_LANGUAGES
      > # Really, you should do the mkdir before running this,
      > # and chown /opt/crosstool to yourself so you don't need to run as root.
      > mkdir -p $RESULT_TOP
      > # Build the toolchain. Takes a couple hours and a couple gigabytes.
      > eval `cat armv5b-softfloat.dat gcc-3.3.3-glibc-2.2.5.dat` sh all.sh --notest
      > echo Done.
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