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11236change root Password on original firmware

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  • pacogozalez
    Feb 2, 2006
      I am running firmware NSLU2_V23R25.bin on my nslu2. This seems the last
      one with telnet still in place. Now, when a usb-HD is connected, i can
      easily change the root password by the backup/restore method. I do use
      Windows and 7-zip to change the backup file.

      Now, this does only work as long as the HD is connected. But i dont want
      to have the HD spinning all the time, i want this to work with no drive at
      all, or from a small flash drive. I do hate the noise of spinning disks in
      my TV-room.

      Where does the linksys firmware get the password file from when it boots
      without a HD ? I have tried to copy my HD-pwd-file to quite some places
      but i could not make it work. Any hints ?

      How can i restore telnet access with the NSLU2_V23R63.bin firmware? I do
      quite like to use new features coming with this firmware.
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