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11219RE: [nslu2-linux] Re: Can I use a 256 MB CF card for unslinging to?

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  • mwester@dls.net
    Feb 1, 2006
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      The multi-readers are multi-LUN devices; if it works in Unslung 5.5, it will be quite by accident.

      It *might* work in 6.5 alpha, but even that's doubtful.

      There is support for multi-LUN devices in the R63 firmware (basis for Unslung 6.5 alpha), but only on the "Disk 1" USB port. On that port, each flash card in a multi-LUN card reader will appear as a drive: sd2, sd3, etc. It's hard to know what the CF card will appear as, but if it is anything other than sd1 the firmware will not recognize it as a device that might be "unslingable".

      If your unit shows up with the R63 firmware, you can simply plug the flash device and reader into the "Disk 1" port, and see how it appears on the network. The name of the share will probably encode the drive number information. There's some info on R63 USB drive handling on the wiki that might help.

      Mike (mwester)

      > Hello from Gregg C Levine
      > Close.
      > I work with a gizmo called a BASIC Stamp. And the FTDI chips are used
      > by the company who makes it to talk to the USB port on the PC. What
      > I'd like to create is a method for data to be sent to the NSLU2 via
      > its USB port.
      > And actually the card reader I have is one of those Multi Readers. I
      > only use the CF space.
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      > Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon@...
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