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10655Re: [nslu2-linux] jtag reflash instructions

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  • Rod Whitby
    Jan 8 3:50 AM
      Since no-one has ever bricked (requiring jtag) a slug from nslu2-linux firmware, we've never needed to put any instructions up on the wiki for jtag access. [g2] or dyoung would know best how to do it (since they were replacing bootloaders).

      -- Rod
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      From: "samms71" <samms71@...>
      Date: Sunday, Jan 8, 2006 7:20 pm
      Subject: [nslu2-linux] jtag reflash instructions

      i've searched around and haven't found any instructions/etc on
      reflashing the nslu2 w/ jtag.

      i got everything working in terms of the hardware and the jtag tool and i've tried to reflash using both the linksys image and openslug
      but it doesn't work. i've also tried to reflash just the redboot
      block. i've tried little and big endian modes while flashing and
      nothing works.

      the slug just sits there after power up with the ethernet light on but nothing else. if you do a read/peek from flash/mem through jtag the
      other lights come on but it doesn't boot correctly.

      also, when reflashing i tried to reflash to 0x50000000 for the
      redboot, 0x50006000 for vmlinuz. i also tried reflashing to 0x00 since i wasn't sure how flash was mapped into memory when the slug wasn't

      btw, anyone got a flash dump they can send me. i don't think the other mtdblocks are valid anymore after all of the flashing. :)


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