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106Re: Info on mtd partitions/possible problem with splitnslu utility

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  • paulbart1234
    Aug 10 9:46 PM
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      It seems that 'gzip' is used for compressing vmlinuz.

      I did a Google search, and found that the hex bytes '1F 8B 08 00'
      are the 'magic #' for the start of a gzip file.

      I found that sequence at offset 0x2dd4 in vmlinuz (the first 0x2dd4
      bytes are the boot loader that has the gunzip code to decompress

      To decompress into vmlinux, skip the first 0x2dd4 (11732) bytes and
      pass the rest through gunzip. Use a command like:

      dd if=vmlinuz bs=1 skip=11732 | zcat > vmlinux

      You should see output like:
      855028+0 records in
      855028+0 records out

      zcat: stdin: decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored

      (key is: "decompression OK" - it's OK to see the 'trailing garbage'

      'vmlinux' is the decompressed kernel image - run 'strings' on it for
      a quick glimpse into what's inside it.

      - Paulb

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, David Mitchell <gossiphog@y...>
      > I believe it uses the command "bzip2". Not sure if
      > gzip is compatible or not.
      > -dave
      > --- joule360 <joule360@y...> wrote:
      > > Reviewing the
      > > make files for
      > > the kernel build will show us what program is used
      > > for the
      > > compression. I cannot do that here at work...
      > >
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