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10548Re: problem installing slimserver on linksys nslu2

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  • aceadri
    Jan 1, 2006
      Airuck, a member of the slimdevices forum gave the right indication
      to solve the problem; I copy here his post, hoping to help who will
      find my same difficulties:

      Good timing! I ran into the same problem two days ago while
      installing same unslung and slimserver versions. The problem with
      the an incorrect system date messing with the perl module install
      process (file timestamps were incompatible). To correct the prolem:

      1. Use the "date" command to update your system date. This is in the
      format of "date MMDDHHMMYYYY.SS" So for 9:50:30AM December 31, 2005
      the command would be "date 311209502005.30"

      2. Re-run /usr/local/SlimServer_v6.0.2/Bin/build-perl-modules.pl

      3. Finish the remainder of the set up as instructed. Be sure never
      to start the NSLU2 without the attached "unslung" USB drive or
      you'll have to start again from the flashing, but this time with the
      upslug method.

      I have to agree that the NSLU2 is underpowered for the application.
      I uploaded ~17GB/~3500 tracks. The first music folder scan took 1.5
      hours. Browsing and list loading is slow. That said, the NSLU2 is a
      really nice low power, always on, backup solution. My NSLU2 is still
      underclocked (133MHz), but I will "de-underclock" to 233MHz now that
      everything is working.

      I am using a slimp3 networked through a wireless bridge to serve
      through my stereo and am listening to a random mix right now
      (Satriani, Rolling Stones, and Dire Straights so far...). There is a
      ~10 second lag and a display freeze between tracks.

      best regards and happy new year

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