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10319Re: [nslu2-linux] Making NFS use more RAM

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  • Attila Csipa
    Dec 17, 2005
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      On Friday 16 December 2005 12:29, bradkieser wrote:
      > for NFS. I have been running TOP and I see that the free RAM never
      > drops below 700k even though the device is paging. I have increased

      I think that is the way linux allocates memory - do not confuse free with
      unused memory - IIRC the memory that is listed there is used for new
      allocations done by the OS/applications. This is to ensure that small
      allocations can be handled without going directly to swap space (which would
      slow it down even more). Also, if the slug is swapping like mad, 700K more
      memory wouldn't help it either (it's not the AMOUNT of the swap that kills
      performance but CONSTANT USAGE of memory that is swapped).
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