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1001Second recipient of your donations

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  • rwhitby
    Sep 1, 2004
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      I'm proud to announce that the second recipient of a serial-enhanced
      NSLU2 is Chris Larson, an embedded linux kernel developer.

      Chris maintain OpenZaurus (a Linux distribution for the Sharp Zaurus
      line of PDAs), and OpenEmbedded. OE is a set of build tools, based
      on gentoo's package manager, for doing all sorts of things. The most
      common purpose for the tools is in constructing Linux distributions
      for embedded systems. It is architecture, distribution, and
      operating system agnostic. It supports cross-compilation and
      emission of a number of binary package formats.

      Chris intends to incorporate support for the NSLU2 into OpenEmbedded,
      as well as doing kernel and bootloader development for the NSLU2.

      Congratulations Chris!

      -- Rod
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