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  • Jim Buzbee
    Aug 2, 2004
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      OK, I'll kick this off with some of my current hacking status.

      Over the weekend I experimented with a few things. I'm still trying
      to get a USB device such as a USB/Serial adaptor to work. I can build
      the proper modules and insert the proper modules. I see correct
      initialization statements from the modules in the syslog. But when I plug
      my USB/Serial adaptor in, I get an oops. This also occurs with a
      USB/Ethernet adaptor. If I plug my USB Webcam in after loading the proper
      Video For Linux drivers, I get the standard messages indication that there
      was no driver for this device enven though the driver appears to have
      registered for the proper vendor/model.

      I also confirmed that the NSLU2 has three(!) USB controllers. Two 1.1
      controllers and 1 2.0 controller. Strange...

      I've been able to convince the NSLU2 to generate a crontab entry for me in
      the following -dangerous- way. I used the standard Linksys menus for
      creating a backup job and saw that it put an entry in the config partion
      for the same. At boot time it generated a cron entry for doing the
      backup. I noticed that it used the name of my backup job as a parameter
      to the backup program. This created a potential hole for me if I could
      create a name that included a subshell command e.g. :


      I couldn't convince the web interface to accept this bizarre "name", so I
      bypassed it and wrote my name directly into the flash config partition
      using dd (real men don't need no stinkin` web interfaces or fancy
      utilities, dd is all anyone should ever need!). Now at boot time, I get a
      nice crontab entry that calls my script. Unfortunately I haven't figured
      out a way to get it called other than once a day...


      Jim Buzbee "I was gratified to be able to
      jbuzbee@... answer promptly, and I did. I
      http://batbox.org said I didn't know." Mark Twain
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