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Re: Perfect solution for your torrents needs on the NSLU2

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  • ericv632
    can t you update the info in your post ?? most links aren t available anymore... or even better, make a ipkg package for this torrentflux version that uses
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 29, 2013
      can't you update the info in your post ??
      most links aren't available anymore...

      or even better, make a ipkg package for this torrentflux version that uses transmission ???
      would be greatly appreaciated...

      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "snatcher93" <snatcher93@...> wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > downloading and managing the torrent downloads on the NSLU2 seems a
      > little complicated, on solution for managing your downloads is
      > Torrentflux that some of you may know (it a PHP application that
      > allow you to load torrents/download torrents/stop torrents ...), the
      > problem with it is that it uses a bittorrent client based on the
      > python language (=> slow and RAM hungry), so it is almost unusable on
      > the NSLU2 !
      > When i discovered a C based client called Transmission, i thought
      > about integrating it with torrentflux ! So this is what i've
      > successfully done, and the results are pretty good => really few CPU
      > usage and less RAM usage than the python client !
      > Here is what you need to make this thing working :
      > - A HTTP server with php support, i use lighttpd + php compiled with
      > CGI support
      > - JAM (ftp://ftp.perforce.com/pub/jam/) that is needed to compile
      > Transmission (./configure && make)
      > - Download my patches attached in the Transmission thread in
      > torrentflux forum (check in related links in at the end of the
      > message)
      > - Download Transmission ( "svn co
      > svn://svn.m0k.org/Transmission/trunk Transmission" for latest CVS
      > or "wget http://download.m0k.org/transmission/files/Transmission-
      > 0.5.tar.gz" for version 0.5), apply my patch (in Transmission
      > directory "patch -Np1 < Tranmsmission-cvs.patch" or "patch -Np1 <
      > Tranmsmission-0.5.patch" depending on the version you get) and
      > compile : "./configure && jam && cp transmissioncli /usr/bin"
      > - Download Torrentflux 2.0b, in the html directory, apply my patch
      > (patch -Np1 < torrentflux_2.0b.patch) and copy the html directory in
      > your web server tree.
      > - Follow the "sqlite usage" guide (check in related links at the end
      > of this message)
      > - Configure your torrentflux (edit the config.php file to set where
      > you want to store the downloaded torrents and to set the location of
      > your sqlite database)
      > Now it should be ok ;)
      > I hope it'll be usefull to some of you :)
      > Sylver
      > Related links :
      > - Torrentflux : http://www.torrentflux.com/
      > - Transmission : http://transmission.m0k.org/
      > - Topic about Transmission integration in Torrentflux :
      > http://www.torrentflux.com/forum/index.php/topic,809.0.html (you'll
      > need to register the forum to see and download attached files)
      > - Topic about using sqlite instead of MySQL with Torrentflux :
      > http://www.torrentflux.com/forum/index.php/topic,697.0.html
      > - Topic about using lighttpd + php instead of apache + php :
      > http://trac.lighttpd.net/trac/wiki/TutorialLighttpdAndPHP
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