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Re: [nslu2-general] Help setting up Wordpress

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  • Robert Hammond
    In message , Kevin Frye writes ... The following web page contains some
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 3 1:19 PM
      In message
      <AANLkTinJPAAO6LdVhmjGfa1OxIMmVJy_pzBmubc7RiFR@...>, Kevin
      Frye <kevindfrye@...> writes

      >Originally the permissions were too limited and I would get an access
      >I went all the way up the chain setting all folders and the filles in my
      >webroot to 755 and even 777.
      >The only thing that changed was instead of getting the access denied I get
      >blank pages.
      >It seems obvious that there is either a permissions issue or a PHP error.
      >When I run the test page it returns all the php, apache, and mysql
      >Html files also display properly.
      The following web page contains some scripts that can be used to set the
      correct file permissions for web pages:-


      I have wordpress working just fine on my slug, I think that I had to
      increase some memory limits in the php config file for it to work.

      Robert Hammond
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