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Re: [nslu2-general] memory problem - mine, not the slug's

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  • Paul Carmichael
    I had the same thing happen. After a power-cut, the external drive just kept clicking. Thought it must be the drive enclosure, so replaced it. Ok for a while,
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 13, 2010
      I had the same thing happen. After a power-cut, the external drive just kept clicking. Thought it must be the drive enclosure, so replaced it. Ok for a while, then more problems. Basically, the USB port has gone wonky. I now have a printer attached to that port and that works fine. The other port has the boot stick. I bought a bifferboard to use as a NAS. It only uses 1W. Downside is I've used all 4 ethernet ports on my router.

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      > Sent: Sat, 6 March, 2010 1:33:05
      > Subject: [nslu2-general] memory problem - mine, not the slug's
      > Here's the deal. A year and a half ago I set up a lighttpd webserver using
      > a 320gb external usb drive. I can't really say I understood what I was
      > doing - I followed a tutorial, somewhere, got it going, plugged it into a
      > battery backup and then forgot about it. It's done great in that
      > time.

      Then last night it got unplugged while my son was prepping to paint
      > the basement, and wouldn't reboot afterward.

      I pulled the hard drive and
      > attached it to my linux laptop. It came up with both partitions looking
      > healthy. I ran fsck -C on both, and it found no problems.

      The drive
      > is powered over the USB line, and I have read that the slug power supplies
      > sometimes lose their cojones after a while, so I found and hooked up a different
      > power supply today. There is a difference - the original PS just made the
      > hard drive go click, click, click and flash the light. Couldn't spin it up
      > from a dead stop, I think. The replacement PS spins the HD and gives a
      > constant activity light. Also when powering up the slug, it looks like the
      > normal behavior from what I seem to remember - the lights do their flashing
      > sequence at first, but eventually all you get is a glowing ethernet
      > light.

      It doesn't respond to its old IP address, but when I try to ping
      > *any* address, I can see the ethernet light flickers. So it's connected to
      > the network and minimally responsive.

      So now I'm trying to figure out
      > whether the thing is recoverable without reinstalling everything from
      > scratch. I don't know what the status of my slug is; has it reverted to
      > its stock behavior or something? is that even possible? Also, I don't even
      > know what firmware I originally used.

      The good news is, I'm quite sure no
      > files have been lost. I've backed them up elsewhere today to be extra
      > sure. I guess I want to proceed under the assumption that the slug is okay
      > with its new power supply.

      Where can I go from here? Might there be
      > a clue somewhere in the filesystem as to what I did back in 2008? I'm
      > kicking myself for not taking
      > notes.


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