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Re: Slow rsync speed between usb drives

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  • cnczane
    I m sorry I don t buy it. I regularly get 3.0+MB/s (quoting rsync s --progress) between slugs with two hard-drives each. All four of my slugs are
    Message 1 of 18 , Jan 20, 2010
      I'm sorry I don't buy it.

      I regularly get 3.0+MB/s (quoting rsync's --progress) between slugs with two hard-drives each. All four of my slugs are de-underclocked, and all of their hard drives are externally powered. I started with Maxtors but lately use internal harddrives upended in BlacX.

      I did have compression enabled once, because I am silly, and the speed dropped into the KB-ish range. (Compressing compressed files only expands time...)


      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Mike (mwester)" <mwester@...> wrote:
      > docbillnet wrote:
      > > Hello,
      > >
      > > I just purchased a couple of NSLU2 from tigerdirect.ca, and I have
      > > followed the instructions for installing Linux on one. Overall, it
      > > seems to be working well, especially since I cut the resistor.
      > > However, I wanted to backup data from three 500 GB drives to a 1.5 TB
      > > drive. However, when I used the --progress option with rsync, it
      > > reported the transfer speed is 2.0 MB/s. After a quick back of the
      > > envelope calculation, I concluded it will take 8 days to copy my data
      > > from the three drives.
      > >
      > > So, I shutdown the NSLU2, and plugged the same drives and USB hub into
      > > my laptop. I issued the same rsync command, and my transfer rate is
      > > 20 MB/s.
      > >
      > > Is this a typical transfer speed with an NSLU2? If not, how do I go
      > > about determining the problem and speeding up the transfer? From what
      > > I've seen in this forum, I would expect a transfer speed between
      > > drives of about 6 MB/s, but I can't be certain since the messages were
      > > all related to how long it took to transfer files between a usb drive
      > > and the network. Perhaps, the USB bus is much slower when it is both
      > > reading and writing at the same time. Or perhaps rsync has too much
      > > overhead, and I need to use a different program to copy data.
      > >
      > > Bill
      > What firmware did you install?
      > How are the drives mounted (can you provide the output from the mount
      > command)?
      > What exactly is the rsync command you issued?
      > Mike (mwester)
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