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Re: [nslu2-general] Lost NTFS disc

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  • Paul Carmichael
    Thought I d follow up on this in case anyone s interested. Tried a newly formatted NTFS disk in the new USB box. The only way it would work was if I removed
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 8, 2009
      Thought I'd follow up on this in case anyone's interested.

      Tried a newly formatted NTFS disk in the new USB box. The only way it would work was if I removed the unslung stick and booted from ROM. After a lot of hours experimenting and much swearing, the only solution was to connect the disk to another machine and format it to ext3 and when connected to the slug it has to be mounted manually (port 1) as sda1. I have the unslung stick sharing port 2 with the printer via a hub. The new disk shows up in the web server as unformatted, but it's now working fine as a scp backup drive.

      So it's a mystery.

      >>From: Mike Westerhof (mwester) <mwester@dls. net>
      >>>Paul Carmichael wrote:
      >>>>> Hello all.
      >>>>> My USB box died, so took the IDE disc out and connected it to my XP box to make sure it was ok. Backed it up, so don't think I have lost anything, but then perhaps stupidly, ran chkdisk on it. New USB box arrived today, but once connected to the slug, it is reported as not formatted. Connected the USB cable to the XP box and all looks well. What has the XP box done to the drive?
      >>>>Probably nothing; there's no evidence that chkdsk damages NTFS filesystems!
      >>>>> Can I fix it, or do I have to start from scratch?
      >>>>Dunno. :) It's hard to go any further without a lot more information --
      >>>>starting with the #1 overlooked information item on this list -- ***what
      >>>>firmware?? ?
      >>2.3R63 Unslung 6.10 beta.
      >>After several self-imposed reboots, it recognised the drive correctly, but was very slow. Then finally, all it sees are the directories and no files. I think the drive has suffered, because I've now connected it via USB to the XP box and it's having a bit of bother with it. As I have the data safe, I'm tempted to reformat the disc and start afresh. Dmesg threw up lots of errors on the slug as well, so poo.
      >>One thing - if I reformat the drive on the XP box and copy all the files back, will the permissions all be stuffed, therefore making the slug unusable?
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