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Re: License agreement in custom web page

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  • Daniel Berenguer
    Thanks Rod. Daniel.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2008
      Thanks Rod.


      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Rod Whitby <rod@...> wrote:
      > Daniel Berenguer wrote:
      > > After more than one year, my opn-max project (www.opnode.org), based
      > > on SlugOS/BE, has got relative success. In order to avoid dealing with
      > > proprietary licenses, I invited anyone wanting to install opn-max to
      > > install the standard OpenSlug firmware first from
      > > http://www.slug-firmware.net.
      > Good plan.
      > > Now that I'm redoing my web page I'm thinking about preparing a
      > > licensed download page, similar to http://www.slug-firmware.net, and
      > > upload an image with all the necessary for running the Slug as an
      > > opn-max controller. No more need to install applications, the whole
      > > process reduced to one or two steps.
      > Good plan.
      > > My question is: do you know if I could inspire my license agreement
      > > page on the one found in http://www.slug-firmware.net? The legal
      > > things often scare me and I don't feel comfortable writing such kind
      > > of texts. Is the Slug page the only one containing this kind of
      > > advertisements? or does anyone give the possibility of downloading
      > > firmware from his web page too?
      > We are not laywers, so we cannot give you legal advise on whether or not
      > using that license text is suitable for your web page. All we can say
      > is that that text has been there for 4 years now, and we haven't been
      > sued by Intel yet :-)
      > We do discourage (for your own safety) putting up an image *without*
      > some way of ensuring that the people downloading the image acknowledge
      > and agree to the Intel license.
      > If you have some mechanism to ensure that the people downloading your
      > image acknowledge and agree to the Intel license, then the nslu2-linux
      > project has no problem with you doing so (note that we do not speak on
      > behalf of Intel or any other copyright holder). Again, we are not
      > laywers, so a decision to do so has to be your own, and we take no
      > responsibility for anything that may result from you doing so.
      > > How is the development of the open source drivers going?
      > It has been included in 2.6.27 mainline kernel and works well. Note
      > that it still requires proprietary Intel microcode to run.
      > -- Rod
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