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Re: NSLU2 - proper Apple Mac Internet Sharing config

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  • gr8npwrfl
    ... You have to set your computer to the same network segment the NSLU2 is on. Set your computer manually to with a netmask of You
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2008
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Cefn Hoile" <nslu2-general@...>
      > To begin configuring my NSLU2 out of the box I plugged it into the
      > ethernet port on my Apple Macbook Pro and hoped to be able to view its
      > web interface, but I can't find the proper address for the device.
      > I want to stick the debian firmware bootloader on it, but can't see
      > the web interface at all.
      > The apple is configured to share its airport internet connection with
      > devices on its ethernet connection (a configuration which allows e.g.
      > an ubuntu machine to get internet connection and also be addressable
      > from the mac).
      > However, the Slug's default interaction with the ethernet port doesn't
      > seem to get it a valid address, or at least one that I can use via
      > http://x.x.x.x:80.
      > doesn't serve any pages at all (when loaded in
      > Firefox on the host Macbook Pro. Monitoring /var/log/system.log shows
      > up errors about address assignment like...
      > Jul 9 10:56:25 Tabletto mDNSResponder[24]: setsockopt -
      > IP_MULTICAST_IF error -1 errno 49 (Can't assign
      > requested address)
      > ...which I guess might be related.
      > Any ideas what I need to do to the Macbook Pro network sharing
      > configuration so I can get to see the Slug's admin interface? I've
      > tried killing and relaunching natd with various different options to
      > permit the slug to be addressable but no luck so far.
      > Alternatively is there another reliable way to address it, or make it
      > use DHCP to pick up a valid address for this network configuration.
      You have to set your computer to the same network segment the NSLU2 is on.

      Set your computer manually to with a netmask of

      You have to either have a crossover network cable to plug from the
      NSLU2 directly to your computer or you have to use a hub or switch.

      If you do not have a crossover cable. Then plug the NSLU2 to the
      switch and your computer to the switch. Disconnect the uplink port on
      the switch so your DHCP server will not serve any addresses.

      The NSLU2 will then default to and you manually set your
      computer to

      You will then have no problem getting the NSLU2 to talk to you.

      Once you are in the web interface you can set the NSLU2 to use a fixed
      address that matches the network segment you are running.

      Most DHCP servers only do a range of addresses say 10 through 100
      allowing 90 computers on your network. You could manually assign an
      address outside the range of your DHCP server and not have any conflicts.

      Remember you have to do a complete setup of the network interface in
      the NSLU2 because when you start to setup linux in the NSLU2 it will
      need to have access to the internet to get it's package upgrades.

      If you have more problems and can't get it working just include the ip
      information on your network and DHCP server setup and I can tell you
      how to configure the system.

      More than likely you are getting an address served by the DHCP server
      you just don't know what it is. You would have to look through the
      DHCP logs to see what address is being assigned.

      Or there are any number of security packages that will scan the
      network and tell you the available ip and port numbers on your network.
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