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Re: [nslu2-general] Is unsling to disk needed ?

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  • Mike (mwester)
    ... Without more information there s no way to know if this is a reproducable issue, or not. ... It is designed to be compatible with the Linksys firmware, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 10, 2008
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      bonielse wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Some time ago I installed Unslung 6.10 firmware.
      > I did not unsling to disk - hence just had unslung running from
      > internal flash.
      > It ran OK for some months.
      > At X-mass I went on holiday and turned off the power from all IT.
      > After returning from holiday and powered on the NLSU2 again, I got
      > errors like described in "HowTo: FailSambaInformation"
      > (http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/FailSambaInformation).
      > Was I just unlucky ?
      Without more information there's no way to know if this is a
      reproducable issue, or not.

      > Is unslung unstable if not being unsling'ed to a disk ?
      It is designed to be compatible with the Linksys firmware, and will run
      in a manner similar to the Linksys firmware if you do not do an unsling
      operation. The differences should be limited to language support, some
      of which had to be removed in order to make Unslung fit into the small
      flash in the NSLU2.
      > Basically I am seing Unslung as Linksys Firmware added telnet access
      > (more or less).
      > My reason for not doing unsling to disk is that I have not succeeded
      > in getting my disk to spin down when not used.
      > I only need a few extra options to my NLSU2. E.g. to be able to
      > configure Samba in another way than Linksys Formware allows.
      > * I would like to have share at user level, not group.
      > * I would like only one share for my hole disk.
      > * I will set user permission at OS level, not share level.
      > What I do is I create users and groups via web interface.
      > I create user_smb.conf and add here my own shares.
      > I add a script to be executed in crontab. Script is located at my disk
      > where to also stdout/stderr is redirected.
      At startup time, the Linksys firmware will reset many configuration
      items from the values stored in the sysconf area -- you may find that
      unless you have created diversion scripts (as described in the wiki) to
      make your changes to user_smb.conf and other scripts and files
      permanent, they may be replaced by the Linksys firmware at boot time.
      > That is actually all I need :-)
      > I only want to use the NLSU2 as file server.
      > I have seen that using a memorystick and unsling to this is an option.
      > But ideally I would like to have two disk attached and use the second
      > disk as backup storage. Also seen some issues about memorystick isn't
      > the best doing lots of reading/writing.
      > To summarize: Is it a must to unsling to disk ?
      > Regards Bo
      Mike (mwester)
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